What is a ShureShot Timer?

The ShureShot Controller was developed by passionate coffee engineers in Sydney, Australia.

The project was conceived out of the need to be able to add a simple shot timer to machines that were not offered with an option of a shot timer or the option not taken up at time of purchase.

From simple shot timer, a dual colour display was added for simple 'good shot' / 'bad shot' recognition, flashing to indicate a shot was nearing completion and then later 4 programmable timers and 3 programmable outputs which adds the ability to drive a brew valve, pump and even a 'bypass valve' using 4 independent programmable timers.


Why timed shots?

Most good baristas will monitor the shot time of their extraction. This is not to say that they adhere to the old '30 second rule', but extraction time is one of the many variables that can affect the final flavour in the cup. Many baristas - including ourselves once upon a time - will commence an extraction and immediately activate a kitchen timer or similar chronometer. "Why not automate the start / stop and reset of that timer?", we thought. And thus the ShureShot was conceived.


Volumetric or Time?

If you think about it - on a volumetric machine, the machine is measuring the volume of cold water entering the brew system and shutting off the extraction when a pre-determined volume has been reached. A good barista will monitor both the yield out and the extraction time. The 'volume' or yield out is 'locked in' by the machine - or is it?

The barista can 'dial in' their extraction time by fine tuning dose, grind and tamping procedures.

What if we were to simply reverse this? On a previously manual machine, we can now lock in time and then simply monitor yield out. The barista still needs to fine tune, but if they know their optimum extraction time or 'sweet spot' for a particular roast profile, then they simply need to dial in to achieve the desired yield. We are still doing the same thing - locking in one variable and monitoring the other. Locking in time is simply a different approach and arguably more accurate.