By: sdalcorn | November 04, 2016

ACE 3-Wire Shot Timer only versions of the ShureShot are supplied with the connector housing separate - enabling the installing technician to drill a circular hole, fit a grommet (suppled) and pass the cable through the hole and fit the connector later.

By: sdalcorn | October 07, 2016

Slight typo on the linea cutout dimensions. Have been telling all customers verbally or in emails, but time to actually upload the modified drawing. Apologies for confusion.

By: sdalcorn | March 26, 2016

Alcorn Café Engineering has recognised the need for a faster, more efficient install process in a busy café and introduced a remanufacturing service for any Gicar 1D5 Series Controller - such as those used in the popular Exbobar machines. Simply return your current controller to ACE or one of their agents and the control will be remanufactured with our improved 'rear board' featuring;

    • fuse protected outputs
    • 90~264VAC Power Supply
    • Solid State Relay output
    • ShureShot Shot Timer Output

Future versions will include the ability for timed staging of outputs and cleaning / flush outputs (but will sacrifice original serial connector)

For more information, contact ACE or one of our representative agents

By: sdalcorn | December 27, 2015

This is the wiring used for any machine with 'lever' switches - such as Synesso Gen1, Slayer Gen1, etc. For La Marzocco MP - see our 'Skinny Board' wiring diagram.

By: sdalcorn | October 17, 2015

Drawing of cutout requirements to install generic ShureShot Timer. Use a Dremel with Heavy Duty cutoff wheels.

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