Why ShureShot over Chronos?

We often get asked what are the advantages of a ShureShot over a Chronos Touchpad upgrade. Whilst we are not attempting to compete with the Gicar Chronos Touchpad, we understand the need for customers to want to compare the features.

 Number of Digits 22 
 Digit Height0.3"  7.62mm0.8" 20.32mm 
 Dual Colour Display
 Incline of Display 0º 12º
 Suits Linea MP  
 Suit Linea EE
 Suit Linea AV
 Slow Flash Rate (programmable)
 Fast Flash Rate (programmable)
Programmable Display Colour
 Four Programmable Timers
* Configure Each stage from 0~99 seconds
Three Programmable Outputs
* Drive brew valve for pre-infusion, pump and Bypass valves all individually
 Auto Cleaning Cycle
Auto Group Head Flush 
 Manual Group Head Cycle
 Auto Timed Preinfusion
 Auto Timed Ramp Down
 4-Stage Ramping Ability
Need to sacrifice Portion Buttons (AV)
Portion Buttons on AV 24
 List Price AUD$232.05 AUD$320