Frequently (and infrequently) Asked Questions

What machines can you fit the ACE ShureShot to?

So far, we have installed them on the following machines;

Synesso - Cyncra Gen1, Sabre, Gen1, Hydra Gen2

La Marzocco • Linea MP, Linea EE, Linea AV

Slayer • 2-Group & 3-Group - both v1 and v3 machines

Slayer Single Group

Kees van der Western • Spirit & Mirage

Expobar Mega Crem, others

ECM • Giotto

What will 'Trigger' the ShureShot Timer?

Depending on what machine you have, we use different methods to trigger the ShureShot Timer. For example on a Synesso Cyncra or Manual Hydra, we will use the 2 lever switches to trigger and control the ShureShot. On a La Marzocco Linea, we will use the 230VAC Signal to the Group Solenoid Valve. For a KvdW Spirit, we have a mode in our software to accomodate 'Lever On / Lever Off' switching.

What Control Boards can you offer?

We presently have a range of control boards capable of interfacing to different machines - including;

220~240VAC Signal (from Group Valve)

Voltage Free Contacts From Lever Switch(es)

Specialised Board for v3 Slayers (24VDC Supply & Switching)

Custom Interface for Gen2 Synesso

Custom Interface for 1-Group Slayers

Customised 1D5 Controllers for Expobar etc.

Can I fit it myself or do I need a technician?

If you are reasonably handy, have some basic electrical knowledge and confident working with electricity, then the ShureShot will be reasonably easy for you to install. Perhaps the most difficult part of the install is cutting a 26 x 14mm slot for the mounting and routing of the interface cable. For a minimum list of tools that we recommend, please see here.

But electricity can kill you or others and must be respected. If you can not perform the installation with utmost respect for electricity and the safety of yourself and others, then please do not attempt this installation yourself.

** 1-Group Slayer kit requires no connection to line voltage. This kit is entirely "Plug and Play"

How do you access the cleaning cycle?

Simply hold down the two buttons on the front (or rear) panel for 3 seconds and the display will flash "CF". On manual paddle machines, open the group valve and the cleaning cycle will begin. There will be 5 'sets' of Group Valve / Pump on for 10 seconds then off for 10 seconds. After 5 sets, "CP" or "Cleaning Paused" will be displayed. At this point, remove the blank PortaFilter, inspect, dump water & refill, re-insert blank PortaFilter handle & flick group switch. Cleaning cycle will continue for an additional 5 sets (10 seconds on / 10 seconds off), then will finish with "CC" (Cleaning Complete) flashing on the display.

What warranty do you offer?

So far, we've sold hundreds of ShureShots worldwide and not a single failure. However, we offer a 12-month no questions asked warranty.