ShureShot Timers and Kits for La Marzocco

Installing one or more ACE ShureShot Timers onto a La Marzocco Linea is a relatively simple procedure. Alcorn Café Engineering has done as much of the work as we possibly can for you. However you will need some basic tools and skills to complete the installation. A complete installation can be comfortably completed in around one hour per group head. For a list of the tools you will need, please see here

  • Linea AV
  • Linea EE
  • Linea MP
Linea AV

What will 'Trigger' your Linea AV ShureShot Timer?

In the Linea AV, we pickup the 'Line Voltage' signal that comes from both the Manual Group Switch. We pick this signal up from the (usually) red wire connected to the Group Solenoid Valve Coil.

Driver Board to suit a Linea AV

Wiring the ShureShot Driver Board in a Linea AV

The wiring for a Linea AV is fairly straightforward.

  1. Firstly you need Neutral and Active supplied to terminals L1 and L2. These can be picked up from terminal blocks located behind each group head on a Linea. We have supplied short lengths of blue and red wires - correctly terminated for this purpose. Connect the red wire to the terminal with red wires closest to the front of the machine. Connect the blue wire to the terminal with the blue wires.
  2. Next you need a 'trigger' signal to trigger the ShureShot Timer. Disconnect the red wire from the Group Solenoid valve. Cut it to 150mm long from the terminal strip and connect it to our 3rd terminal.
  3. Now connect the supplied Grey, Purple, Brown or Orange wire from our 4th terminal to the group valve.
  4. Finally, disconnect the white wire from the back of the manual group switch, trim to 150mm from the terminal strip and connect to our 5th terminal.

Linea EE
Linea MP