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Gen1 Cyncra (Fat Board)

What will 'Trigger' the ShureShot Timer on your Synesso Gen1 Sabre?

For the Synesso Cyncra install, we use the original micro switches and remove the high voltage from them - making the contacts in effect 'Voltage Free Contacts'. A loom is supplied to make the connection from the ShureShot Driver Board to the original Synesso Lever Switches. These are our logic level inputs.

From there, the ShureShot provides "Line Level" (220~240VAC) outputs to drive the brew solenoid valve, the pump and an optional pre-infusion bypass valve.

!!! WARNING !!!

Electricity can and will kill! These modifications should only ever be performed by a qualified and reputable service technician. Power must be isolated from machine before any work is to be carried out.


  1. Remove both the front panels from your Synesso
  2. In the case of a Cyncra, remove the rotating dome group cap
  3. In the case of a Sabre machine, remove the V shaped group cover

Installing the Driver Board on a Synesso Gen1 Cyncra

On your Synesso, you will note there is an angle channel running the length of the machine from one side to the other. We recommend mounting the driver board on the vertical surface of this angle - just inline with the right of the group cover box section.

  1. Use a sharp tipped permanent marker to mark location of holes - tip; mark vertical lines with marking pen, then slide board left and right to create a horizontal scratch across the marks.
  2. Support the angle with one hand and using a spring loaded centre-punch, punch a centre mark at each of your 4 marks.
  3. Place a damp disposable cloth under the angle to catch any drilling swarf
  4. Using a 3.3mm (1/8") High Speed Drill Bit (preferably Cobalt), drill 4 holes
  5. De-burr holes with a larger sized drill tip
  6. Mount Driver board using 4 x Machine Screws provided

Wiring the ShureShot Driver Board in a Synesso Cyncra

The wiring for a Synesso Cyncra is fairly straightforward;

Firstly you need Neutral and Active supplied to terminals L1 and L2. These can be picked up from terminal blocks located behind each group head on the Cyncra. We have supplied short lengths of blue and red wires for this purpose. Connect the red wire to the terminal with red "permanent active" wires. Connect the blue wire to the terminal with the blue wires in the terminal strip.

Disconnecting wires from rear of lever switches

Firstly, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the lever switches and how they presently operate. As supplied from the factory, the lever switches are switching line voltage (220~240VAC).

The top switch is activated first and switches on the brew valve when the lever is placed in the centre position. For our purposes, we will call this Switch 1 or "SW1". This will (usually) have a white wire connected and runs to the brew valve. You may choose to use this original wire or discard it altogether, as we supply a new grey wire connected to our Output #1

The lower switch is activated when the lever is placed in the leftmost position and switches on the pump. We will call this Switch 2 or "SW2". This will (usually) have a white wire connected and runs to the pump relay (located in the control box). Identify this wire now and mark it with a piece of tape and label it - as you will need to connect it to the ShureShot later.

Factory Wiring to Lever Switches (Line Voltage)

NOTE: Our terminal numbers on this particular board are numbered RIGHT to LEFT

Disconnect the original wires from all 4 terminals on your lever switches as follows;

  1. The one or more red wires need to be disconnected and will be connected to our terminal #2 (L2) on the ShureShot Driver Board
  2. The short red "looping wire" (if installed) may be discarded.
  3. The (usually white) wire running to the group valve may be retained or discarded (we supply a new grey wire for this purpose)
  4. The (usually white) wire running to the pump relay in the control box should be marked accordingly.

Connecting the ShureShot logic inputs to the Lever Switches

New Connections to Lever Switches (Low Voltage Logic)
Neat Connections to Lever Switches (old wiring colours shown)

  1. Next, remove the 4 wires (or 3 wires and a bridging link) connected to the back of the lever switches
  2. Find the red wire previously connected to the common terminals of the Group Lever Switches and connect to our Terminal #2 (L2).
  3. Connect the blue wire from our Terminal #1 (L1) to the blue wires on the Cyncra Terminal Strip adjacent to the Group HeadLocate the Grey, Purple, Brown or Orange wire connected to the our Terminal #6 and connect it to the Group Solenoid Coil (white wire previously removed).
  4. Locate the white wire previously connected to the common terminals of the Group Lever Switches and connect to our Terminal #7 (R2) - this is the pump output. The original Cyncra pump relay SHOULD be removed out of circuit. The ShureShot relays can drive the pump directly.
  5. Connect the small, light duty wiring loom from our terminals #3 (GND), #4 (Input1) and #5 (Input2) to the back of the lever switches.

Fitting ShureShot Timer unit

ShureShot Timer Fitted to SMP006 plate with ribbon cable taped in position
Gen1 Sabre