Tools required to install ShureShot Timers on your machine(s)

These are the following tools that you will need to retrofit ACE ShureShot Timers onto an espresso machine;

Yours skill set (or that of your mate's)

  • basic hand tool skills
  • some light metalworking
  • some relatively easy wiring

Steel Rule - you will need a rule to measure and mark out the mounting locations for the ShureShot Timers and the Driver Boards.

You will need a fine pointed permanent marker or 'Sharpie'

You will need a 'tri square' or 'set square'

You will need a centre punch - a 'spring loaded' type is best for this type of work.

You will need a small electric drill - battery operated is the best option as these usually allow some form of speed control. Slower speeds are best for stainless steel.

You will need some 'cobalt' drill bits - suitable for drilling stainless steel. Choose a 3.3mm (1/8"), 4,4mm (11/64") and something larger to 'clean up' the edges of the holes after drilling.

You will need a 'Dremel' tool or similar for cutting the rectangular cable slots.

Heavy Duty Cut-Off Wheels to suit the Dremel Tool

 an arbor to suit both the Dremel wheels and tool

 If you have ever cut stainless steel, this one is self explanatory

as above - safety first!

a flat smooth file slightly less than 14mm wide and with one 'safety edge' and one 'cutting edge'

needle files - you can pick these up in a set, but if available separately, then you'll just need a small round needle file to clean up the corners of the slots

Good Quality screwdrivers - you will need;

  • Philips - #1
  • Philips - #2
  • Flat Blade - 3.5mm x 0.8mm

Good Quality multimeter - can be an 'entry level' low cost type, but trustworthy - you may be entrusting your life to it's quality and integrity 

optional Test Pencil - handy to trace voltages, but DO NOT trust these explicitly